Phnom Penh


Phnom Penh is located in the South of Cambodia. With an area of 290 km2 and the population of about 1.5 million, it is currently the largest city of Cambodia. The city has a tropical climate with two seasons: the rainy season (May to October) and the dry one (November to April).
Situated at the confluence of three rivers named the Mekong, Bassac and the great Tonle Sap; Phnom Penh has its former name "Krong Chaktomuk" which means "City of Four Faces" because the 3 above rivers form an "X" where the capital is located.
Under the French governance, Phnom Penh was kwon as the "Pearl of Southeast Asia" because of various large architectures built by the French. That is why it became the most important city of the Mekong basin since that period. It, however, was partially destroyed by the Red Khmer.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a city of amazing architecture stamped with diverse influences, mainly French. Phnom Penh also makes a perfect base for many fantastic discoveries to surrounding areas.


Oudong or Udong

Oudong (or Udong) is located on the west bank of the Tonle Sap, about 40 kilometers to the north of Phnom Penh. This place is important to the Cambodian. It was the capital of the country in the seventeenth century, and then from 1740 to 1746…


Attractions and activities to discover Oudong or Udong:


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