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While Angkor is well-known and considered as the leading destination of Cambodia, most other destinations are natural, picturesque, authentic and still untouched. It will be a worthy trip for you to discover the scenic beauty, local culture and ethnic… of these sites.

Preah Vihear

Preah Vihear Province is located in northern Cambodia which has the border with Thailand. The province's major attractions are the eponymous temple of Preah Vihear, which is known for its conflict with Thailand and other architectural complexes of the Angkor period, such as Koh Ker and Preah Khan Kompong Svay.


Attractions and activities to discover Preah Vihear:

Kep & Kampot

About twenty kilometers from the Vietnamese border, there locates the resort of Kep and Kampot. Lesser-known and quieter than LA Station Sihanoukville, however, Kep and Kampot will offer tourists wonderful experiences with beautiful beaches, colonial charms and tranquility.
Kep is a seaside resort located on the south coast of the country. Unlike Sihanoukville beaches, beaches in this area are all covered with black sand. This small town is peaceful and fascinating, offering diverse sceneries for tourists to enjoy.
At Kep, there is a variety of attractions like natural mountains, rainforests, mangrove islands, coral reefs...
Near Kep, about 14 kilometers to the southwest of the city, it is interesting to visit Phnom Sar Sear. It is a mountain whose name was originated from a Khmer legend when Prince Sakor Reach led the troops to this place, he got off his horse and moved furtively ahead of his pursuers along the mountainside, where at that time there was an island to which he fled. Phnom Sar Sear is composed of three small mountains about 1.5 square kilometers. It is about 40 meters high. The site features two natural caves-Phnom Dorei Sar and Phnom Ach Prochiev-which tourists can explore. At the foot of the mountain are a number of small halls where clergymen and nuns meditate. Along the way to the mountaintop, there is a Buddhist pagoda where monks live. On the mountaintop sits a colorful, finely sculpted stupa built in 1964 by Prince Rasmei Sophoan. A place of worship, it also houses a Buddha relic.
Kampot is a charming seaside resort which has been neglected because of political issues for a long time. Now, the destination is attracting new tourists who highly appreciate its setting. The old French villas are still there and create a special atmosphere to this small town.
Furthermore, you also can visit the beautiful limestone caves, which may remind you of Halong Bay in Vietnam.


Attractions and activities to discover Kep & Kampot:

Takeo province

Takeo Province, which lies to the southwest of the capital and in the past housed the ancient kingdom of Funan, was established at the beginning of the first century.
Within the region, there are several sites that tourists may be interesting to explore: Phnom Chisor which has a temple of Angkorian style, Tonle Bati which has three temples: Ta Prohm, Peay Pov and Neang Khmao.



Attractions and activities to discover Takeo province:


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