Ratanakiri province, also called "Rotanah Kiri", is a northern province of the country. This is the "land of red soil"...Because of the region isolation, Ratanakiri is one of the least developed regions of Cambodia. The facilities are very limited and so is the power of local government.
It is home to a mosaic of indigenous peoples collectively dubbed the Khmer Loeu ("high Khmer"), a reference to the area's geography, not their historical or social status.
Some of the most diverse ecosystems of tropical forests and mountain stages all over Southeast Asia are found in this province. Regarding fauna, we can find Asian elephants, Malayan bears, tigers, wild boar, gaur, eagles and monkeys. The area is also an important conservation site for several endangered species like Giant Ibis and Greater Adjutant. The flora is also a variety with half a hectare of forest inventory presenting 189 species of trees and 320 plants.
Nearly half of Ratanakiri is occupied with protected areas such as Lumphat Reserve and Virachay Natonal Park. Even though the province is known for its primary areas, the recent development has led to environmental issues. The landscape is now changing with increasing population, asking for the intensification of agriculture and forestry. Soil erosion gets severe; climate changes while traditional habitat is abandoned and hunting contribute to the decrease of biodiversity.

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