Mondulkiri is an eastern province of Cambodia which is sparsely populated and little visited as well. The province is beautiful with forested mountains, powerful waterfalls and the lush green rolling hills of the western side. Phnong and Kraol Stieng people are the two main ethnics inhabiting the area, in which Phnong people is the larger group. Mondulkiri is also called the "Switzerland of Cambodia" because of its vast and evergreen forests.
Forests in Mondulkiri are home to a large number of mammals. This diverse ecosystem, however, is fragile and endangered because illegal hunting is still out of control. From Phnom Penh, it takes about 4 to 6 hours to drive to the capital of Mondulkiri - Sen Monorom. Thanks to many advantages in term of scenery, natural resources..., ecotourism is currently emerging in the area.

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