Cambodian artists are talented and all put their souls into their creations. One of these arts consists in working with ceramics with their own characteristics: a thousand-year-old Khmer heritage.

With a potter expert, you will learn the basics of Khmer pottery and shape your own creation (why not a masterpiece?).

Why did we choose this artist studio?

Here, the pottery teachers are deaf and dumb. Difficult to understand each other? Absolutely not and the result is the opposite: communication is fluid, simple and does not require any translation. It's ideal for young children who want to learn and have fun... without their parents! Indeed, the relationship between teacher and child is really natural. Of course, the more creative hands there are, the more fun the workshop will be.  Or how to put human relations and exchange back at the heart of the journey.

Making your own memories

By bringing home a creation from this unique exchange - that you or your child has created yourself - is the best memory or gift that the traveller will have left to remember the exploration of the Angkor temples

For whom?

- For all travellers

- With the family

- For children

Good to know

Learn while having fun. Fun, simple and artistic, this experience is a perfect example of what we want to bring to our travellers. Meet locals, artists, families, experts... and learn in a natural way about a new culture.